Friday, 15 August 2014

Visiting College Station

Today we went back to College Station for a short visit. One of our new, Huntsville acquaintances once said, when we remarked about how much we didn't like the CS area, “The good parts about College Station are the amenities [shopping, coffee shops, bookstores]. Everything else … well … I prefer amenity-poor Huntsville.”

There are several Starbucks in College Station and a great Half Price Books store and the best Indian restaurant that I have ever been to (Taz).
David at Taz. I did not take a picture of the food because I was too busy eating it.
College Station also has the best hair salon (at a non-jaw-dropping price) that I have ever been to. At this hair salon, I used to go it and just say to Quint (co-owner of Sheers), “I want my hair shorter, but I don’t really have anything in mind. Just cut it like you think it would work best.” And he would, and it would be amazing.
This is a mural that one of the owners (Quint) painted inside the waiting area. He painted himself and his wife (the co-owner) into the mural in the center (as they looked when they met in beauty school).
Fun story about College Station:  The first year we moved there, College Station actually had working traffic cameras at lights. People got tickets and had to behave (and complained all the time about the injustice). That year, though, the city allowed College Station residents to vote to shut down these cameras, which, of course, passed. When we first moved here people were much better about going through red lights, but now they do so with abandon. It’s like they’re thinking, “Yeah, like you’re going to plow into my heavy duty pick-up. I want to go through this light, therefore I’m gonna do it.”

College Station also has very few trees, so the sun is always everywhere at once, beating down on you with its heavy fists. The atmosphere makes me feel trapped and hot and overwhelmed. There’s also too much traffic and many of the drivers are college kids in fancy cars who drive very, very badly.

We went back today for a haircut for David and to attend the reception for a former student of his who was just commissioned as an officer in the military. One of the people we met at the reception who had gone to Sam Houston told us to go to this place in Huntsville we've wondered about called Shenanigans. This place advertises itself as a “beach club,” but being that there are no beaches in town, we were royally confused so we asked him about it (Every time we drive by on our way to the gym we play a guessing game and then invent stories about it: Maybe it’s a place with a pool. Maybe it’s one of those sad Tiki bars).

According to this young man, “Shenanigans is a bar, and they have the cool, bar part in front with a dance floor and the beach club in back. The beach club is this place where they do rap and stuff. Don’t go there. Stay in the front.”

My interpretation: The front part of the bar is where white people hang out and the back part is where black people hang out, since white people who don’t know anything about black people use the term “rap” to insinuate racial difference.

I’m still going to think of sad, dingy Tiki bars every time I pass Shenanigans.

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