Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Heat + Humidity: Or Why I am Obsessed with the Weather Here

This is me, every day.
The heat in east Texas is no joke. People sometimes laugh at me when I declare that I would not live long term in Texas because of said heat. After all, we had heat in Delaware and Indiana, too. Heat in east Texas is something like this:

7:30 am: 78 degrees, 90% humidity, 5 mph wind.

This sounds like no big deal, right?

At a humidity-level this high with relatively no wind (5mph is nothing), it actually felt like 85 degrees. At 7:30 in the morning (and I cannot emphasize to people how miserable this feels when there is sun and humidity this high).

By the time we had walked ten minutes to the library, my hair was completely frizzed (it was beyond repair, really, and on ID picture day, too), my glasses were foggy around the edges (because the damp air was reacting with my cooler body temperatures and condensing on my plastic-framed glasses), and we were dripping with sweat.

By the time we walked to another building at noon, the temperature had risen to 93 degrees, the sun had come out, the humidity had dropped a few points (when the heat rises, the humidity drops for sciency reasons that I won’t get into), and it felt like 99 degrees outside. There was still no wind. After a twelve minute walk home, we were very dehydrated.

Now, I hear rumors that the heat is more bearable in west Texas because it is dry there. We live in a very humid, lush (for Texas) zone which gets enough water during the year that it can actually support tall trees. I know from experience that Austin (similar latitude but in the center of the state) is a great deal more tolerable in the summer than Houston (on the east and a little farther south).

I am thankful for the taller trees in Huntsville—a nice outcome from the east Texas moisture—though, because there was a great lack of tall trees in College Station which hurt my soul. The taller trees also provide more shade (yay for shade!).

Next week, the weather websites are forecasting temperatures in the 100s. I am hoping that the humidity drops a bit, since next week we start classes.

Progress Reports:

JVJ: currently hiding behind the washing machine because there is a thunderstorm outside. He’s also not happy about having to relearn not to sharpen his claws on David’s chair.

Katie: I am now in the system at SHSU, which is a relief. I've been reading lots of short stories in preparation for teaching my composition courses soon (classes start on Wednesday next week). Adults on campus keep asking me if I’m a new staff member, and students keep asking me which classes I’m taking this semester which is driving me crazy. I think I need to cut my hair short. I met with the director of the undergraduate program in the English department today (as I said on FB), and he answered all of my questions and gave me some great, insider advice.

David: David is reworking his syllabi after meeting with his department head. He has a really sophisticated plan for his courses, so the reworking is not as intense as it could have been. David had me frame his diplomas (four; for five degrees) so that he can hang them in his new, fancy office on campus. We recently got our campus IDs, so he stocked up on books after his summer library-drought.

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